QVH Matters from issue 373 of the Queniborough Gazette

Queniborough Village Hall Matters

First published in April 2018. The Queniborough Gazette is our community newspaper and is delivered free to all residents.

Welcome to a wet but hopefully now sunny and warm QVH Matters

Our AGM is fast approaching. This is the time of the year when all our officers tender their resignations and new officers are elected. We also open up the floor to new members. It will be held at the Village Hall on Wednesday May 9th beginning at 7.00pm and will be followed by our next regular meeting. Tea and biscuits will be available if you’d like to come along.

Next Events at the Hall
Our next event is our highly popular Junior Roller Disco (bring your own skates) hosted by the wonderful Paul Kirton-Smith. We will be holding it at the Hall on Sunday May 13th between 2.00pm and 4.00pm. Tickets are £5 and are available from Mandy Grainger or Liz Ellis. Remember, just like the popular supermarket, get in early because once they’re gone they’re gone!

Further down the line put the 7th July in your diary which is the date we have set aside for our ‘Summer Family Barbecue and Disco’. We are also choosing three more Live and Local shows but more on that when we have the details.

Fundraising activities Two serious fundraising events came to fruition last month. We had a cheque presented to us by Tim Lowe from the Beer Festival Committee for £650. Absolutely brilliant, thanks guys. And we also raised over £300 courtesy of our Kell Elliot musical event, well done team. That’s nearly a thousand well earned pounds which we will put to very good use.

New Chairs have arrived
Hurrah, no more numb bums! Our consignment of new chairs has now arrived. We received 30 new plastic chairs which have been put alongside the radiators replacing the old blue plastic chairs. We have also taken delivery of our 168 new ‘non-plastic’ chairs for Hall users to sit on at their leisure. They are wonderful, in fact I had trouble getting off the one I used for our latest QVH Management meeting, needless to say the meeting lasted a little longer than normal so that we could enjoy them to the full. We have managed to store 110 in the usual cupboard and put the remainder, at great effort (although we had tea and delicious cake to sustain us (thanks Liz)) up in the loft using our newly purchased step ladders.

Fly Tipping
I’m afraid we’ve had another instance of fly tipping up at the Hall when some fencing sheets and posts were dumped at the back of the car park. We have informed the local police and the Council. It is horrible when people believe that they have the right to discard their rubbish and let other people clean it up. The last time it happened we identified the culprit who was then interviewed under caution. If you know who was responsible for the latest fly tipping please let me or one of the Committee know and we will get back in touch with the Police and the Council.

Maintenance Tasks
Lots of little but necessary jobs completed recently. Chairs I’ve already talked about. Mart Ojari has added new plastic strips to the glass in the doors leading into the Hall. A small measure but essential for health and safety. Two sets of new stepladders have been installed in the Hall, one in the space off the kitchen for anyone to use (Ensuring you check the safety instructions) and one really tall ladder for us to use when we complete our maintenance tasks. This one is padlocked for safety purposes. The new light is now installed on the brick pillar to the right of the entrance to the Parish Council Office.

Help Needed please
We have two jobs on the books at the moment; we are looking to put in place a concrete ramp outside the double doors on the car park side of the Hall and we are looking to replace the tiling in the vestibule. We can buy the materials and have the muscle to do both jobs but not the expertise. Can anybody advise before we make a hash of them?

Don’t forget that we are having our new double glazing installed in the Summer so the Hall will be closed from Saturday August the 4th until Friday August the 17th.

Addition to the Queniborough Village Hall Management Team
I’m really pleased to let you know that we have a new addition to the QVH Management team in Becky Needham who is joining us as our new Booking Secretary. It can be a tricky job and we’ll be giving her all the support we can in the coming months. Becky is working with our current booking secretary Jamie Sutcliffe on a handover. Thank-you Jamie for all the work to date and Thank-you Becky for the work yet to come..

Finally, if you want to chat about anything raised above, please give me a call on [number] or email me at ([email address]). Thanks for reading.

Mike Jones (for and on behalf of the QVH Management team)