QVH Matters from issue 371 of the Queniborough Gazette

Queniborough Village Hall Matters

First published in January 2018. The Queniborough Gazette is our community newspaper and is delivered free to all residents.

Welcome to a ‘Happy New Year’ QVH Matters

It’s wonderful to start the New Year with another success story, so I will. I mentioned last month that we were awaiting the outcome of our final grant application to the LCC Shire Community Climate Change Grant scheme for monies which would enable us to replace our aging double glazed windows and doors. I’m pleased to tell you that the application was successful and we were awarded £2,821, combined with the £10,000 from the lottery and £1,284 from the Parish Council, it means that we will be having the external windows and doors replaced over the Easter holidays later this year, which means of course that the Hall will be closed during that period..

We undertook a formal process to choose from the three quotations we received and have awarded the contract to Wilson Windows who are based in Loughborough.

I would like to thank everybody who wrote to me in support of the application, including The Britannia Inn, The Village Post Office, Clarkes butchers, S&J News, Inspirations hairdressers our Parish, Borough and County Councillors and all our regular users whose information concerning numbers who use the hall was vital to the application.

Our next major project will be to re-tarmac and line the car park, which will be rather expensive. We are in the middle of getting quotations and will be looking for the best way to fund the project in the early part of this year. Look out for my heartfelt appeals for help as it will be essential that we get the support of the whole village for this huge enterprise.

We had a magical Pantomime evening on Saturday 13th when the aptly named ‘Dream Team Theatre Company’ entertained a packed house to their interpretation of Jack and the Beanstalk. The whole Village Hall team was involved in the set up and running of the performance under the guidance of ‘pantomime supremo’ Mandy Grainger. It’s a long day and hard work but really enjoyable, doubly so when we see how much enjoyment it brings to the village. It was our second successful pantomime and tickets went like ‘magic beans’. People were very keen to get in for the best seats and were queuing outside ready for the bar to open. We had benches and mats at the front to help the children get a birds eye view and they were enthralled throughout. Everybody else sat on our lovely plastic seats and marvelled at Jack’s antics, cheered and booed appropriately and did imbibe of the odd drink or two. The pantomimes are so popular we will be asking the players back again next year – book now not to be disappointed (only joking, oh no you aren’t, oh yes I am). We’re still counting the takings, every penny of which will swell the Village Hall funds, but it looks like another very successful venture into the world of the theatre.

Our next events include another of our ‘Roller Discos’ in February or March – date to be confirmed; A musical evening on Saturday 17th March featuring Kel Elliott and her three man orchestra -truth and tall tales- uplifting, mischievous bluesy jazz from a rousing quartet led by a smart, sassy double-bass playing singer-songwriter with a rich voice. This will be quality live music by a star in the making. Suitable for 12+; tickets from Mandy on [number], Liz on [number]. And don’t forget the Beer festival which will run on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th of February.

Not many jobs to mention this month, we’ve been looking to replace our old stepladders and have now acquired a really sturdy four step set donated by Mr Gordon Hallam (thanks Gordon) and have bought two others, a large eight step set for reaching those places even Jack’s giant couldn’t reach and a small set to help short people to reach the cupboards.
Our next few smaller projects include, installing a loft ladder, because we were always at risk of tumbling off the rickety wooden steps. We’re getting quotes for that at the moment. Replacing our old plastic seats with seats better designed for the rigours of sitting through long meetings, theatre evenings or presentations i.e. abolishing the numb bum problem. We’re investigating the replacement of the front vestibule flooring and the flooring near the stage area. And also, look out for some new signs that we will be erecting outside the Hall as a result of the Health and Safety work that Mart Ojari has been doing. In particular, speed signs at the entrance, signs indicating the area to be kept clear for emergency vehicles and a sign highlighting the fire assembly point by the entrance gate at the front of the hall.

And finally, we’re looking for a new booking secretary to join the team after the AGM in May. You’ll need to be IT literate and have an hour or two a week to spare. You’ll be joining a great team, have a great deal of fun and most importantly give something back to the wonderful village that is Queniborough. If you want to chat about it please email me ([email address]) or give me a call on [number]. He’s behind you!

Mike Jones (for and on behalf of the QVH Management team)