QVH Matters from issue 364 of the Queniborough Gazette

Queniborough Village Hall Matters

First published on 17 March 2017. The Queniborough Gazette is our community newspaper and is delivered free to all residents.

Welcome to a Doris and the Mouse QVH Matters

First this month is a date for your diaries. The Queniborough Village Hall AGM is on Wednesday 10th May starting at 7:00 pm when we will be (re)electing the officers, i.e. Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. It’s an open house so you are all now formally invited to come along and hear the Chairman’s report and ask us any questions you may have (no booze I’m afraid but we will swing to a cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit or two). Hope to see you there.

Following the success of Cinderella, our first Pantomime for many a year, we have rebooked the same company for their new pantomime in the New Year (that’s 2018 to you!).

Our junior roller disco was again very popular with the children and we spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon roller disco’ing (I think that’s a word) to the brilliant tunes of the roller disco king, Paul Kirton-Smith, who again provided his valuable time free of charge. Seeing the happy faces of the children made all the effort very worthwhile and the highlight for me was seeing Paul centre stage rocking, rolling and singing to the tune of I am the music man with the children swirling around him (not quite at breathtaking speed). Paul, thank-you again for your enthusiasm, effort and time, it really was amazing. A second thanks to Zoe Roper the community links lady from Tesco who provided the tea, coffee and squash we had on sale. And a final thanks to Amy Richardson without whose first aid and H&S expertise it would never happen.

Our table-top sale is scheduled for March 18th which is the day after this Gazette is issued so too late to book a table but please come along if you have time. We have over twenty tables booked and refreshments are on sale from 10:30 until the end of the sale. If you use Twitter, Instagram and the like, check the hashtags #QVHsale and #Queniborough. If you’re selling, you can use them to advertise your stock online.

We’re now gearing up for our next Centre Stage event which will be a fantastic family comedy with music called ‘Eddie and the Gold Tops’. Eddie will air on Sunday 9th April, doors will open at 7:00 pm. Soft drinks, hard drinks and snacky foodstuffs will be on sale before the show, during the interval and after the show closes. All proceeds will go to the QVH fund which, if you look below, we need more than ever.

You can get tickets or more information for these events from Mandy on [number] or Liz on [number] or contact any member of the Committee who will also be able to help.

Of course it’s not all fun and laughter volunteering on the QVH Committee; it can be really hard work. I mentioned Doris and the Mouse at the top of the page. During the recent spell of cold and rain we have found evidence of mice in some of the cupboards in the hall. We have notified all regular users, the Parish Council and gleaned advice from the pest control department at the Borough Council. Mike Bunn has gone to extraordinary lengths to both rid us of the mice and deep clean all areas the mice could have been. It was a monumental effort. There is no evidence of nesting; we believe that they were simply ‘popping’ in out of the cold. We’re now working with the help of all our regular users and particularly Queniborough Pre-School to ensure we minimise the problem. We haven’t found any further evidence for several weeks but if you use the hall please ensure there are no foodstuffs left lying about when you finish your session and please remain vigilant. Be assured that we are taking the problem very seriously and that we need your help, this is a menace we all need to fight.

On the second issue, you may have seen that Destructive Doris has caused a considerable amount of damage to the fencing around the Village Hall. One of our aims as a Team is to ensure that the Hall is fit for purpose so we are moving very quickly to ensure that the fence posts and panels are replaced as necessary. Although this will be a particularly busy time for post / fence repairers, we hope that by the time you read this we will have resolved the situation. Thanks Doris!

If you can help us in any way, give me a call on [number], drop me an email [email address], send a carrier pigeon, or of course I’m always open for postal deliveries (remember, don’t ring too early you may wake me up!).

Mike Jones (for the QVH Management team)