Giants on the Hill

Poster flyer for Giants on the Hill at Queniborough Village Hall on 27 November 2016.

Sunday 27 November 2016. Doors open at 7:00 pm. Show starts at 7:30 pm.
Call Mandy for tickets.

£9 adults (advance)
£11 adults (on the door)
£8 concessions (children and senior citizens)

A quirky and engaging new play set against the backdrop of the energy crisis and exploring its political and personal impact on a rural community. The clever use of live sound effects and soundscapes, and onstage pedal power electricity generation, underpin an unusually inventive show.

Wind turbines: are they a valuable and sustainable way to shift how we provide our energy, or are they a financial liability and blight on our landscapes? An engaging and interesting drama, ‘Giants on the Hill’ is set against the backdrop of the debate about wind turbines and the urgent need to find sustainable energy sources.

Three actor-musicians tell the story of a fictional rural community and the conflicts caused by the proposed siting of a windfarm in its vicinity. An exciting and innovative performance, ‘Giants on the Hill’ is designed specifically for rural touring venues, with the show underpinned by a specially designed ‘man-powered’ soundscape. In keeping with the subject matter, Centric is striving for the show to have a carbon neutral footprint, and is exploring ways for the performance to function ‘off grid’ with the team generating onstage pedal power energy for the show.

A brilliant example of how theatre can address social and environmental issues. Developed in association with Community Touring Network promoters in the East Midlands and with communities affected by the positioning of wind farms.

Giants on the Hill trailer from Pippa Frith on Vimeo.