Junior Roller Disco, 2 October 2016

Header for Junior Roller Disco at Queniborough Village Hall on Saturday 2 October 2016

Sunday 2 October 2016. Sessions start at 1:30 and 3:30.

Come to our inaugural Junior Roller Disco! Bring your own skates. Advance tickets only and they’re selling fast. No tickets available on the door. Only 25 skaters per 90-minute session. Sessions start at 1:30 and 3:30. Skaters must be aged 5+, children under 9 to be accompanied by their own adult. Call Mandy or Liz for tickets.

A mysterious blue box appears

We were alerted to the presence of an unexpected object in the car park the other day. A mysterious blue box had appeared from nowhere overnight. Whilst some of us were hoping for the TARDIS, it turned out to be a construction site cabin that had been abandoned when its trailer got a flat tyre. Our tireless (no pun intended) Secretary investigated and had the hire company collect it. I hope it didn’t stop any of our visitors from parking.

Stand by for more exciting news from Queniborough Village Hall!

A mysterious blue box appeared from nowhere in our car park. Sadly not the TARDIS, but it will soon disappear again.

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Annual General Meeting 2016

Wednesday 11 May 2016 from 7:00 pm

Come along and tell us what you think! We will be electing the management committee for the 2016/17 year and you would be very welcome to join us. We are looking especially for someone with knowledge of, or interest in Health and Safety matters as our current rep is standing down at the AGM. The regular Village Hall Committee meeting will follow after the Annual General Meeting.

QVH Matters from issue 356 of the Queniborough Gazette

Queniborough Village Hall Matters

First published on 15 April 2016. The Queniborough Gazette is our community newspaper and is delivered free to all residents.

Hall roof replacement goes ahead on schedule

Official opening ceremony April 16th. All welcome.

As I write this, the work on replacing the Village Hall roof is well under way and on schedule. After a few anxious days when I saw the weather forecast over the Easter weekend, and knowing that completion of the roof work in time for us to get some electrical work done, and the hall clean and ready to open as planned was always weather dependent, I am very pleased to say that work is on schedule, going well and the weather forecast is good for the next few days. We have been visiting the site every day and taking pictures both for our website and to send to Biffa Award – you can see what the work looked like by going to www.queniborough-village-hall.co.uk. We have been introduced to the delights of enormous air bags that the contractor is using to protect the floor with, and after a few minor setting up issues on day one, everything is currently going smoothly. For those of you who use the hall regularly, I am sure that you will be pleased to hear that site foreman said to me yesterday, having looked at what they were taking off compared to the new roof, that we would really notice the difference in keeping the heat in the building now. Music to all our ears I am sure.

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QVH Matters from issue 355 of the Queniborough Gazette

Queniborough Village Hall Matters

First published on 4 March 2016. The Queniborough Gazette is our community newspaper and is delivered free to all residents.

Hall closure for Biffa Award funded roof replacement March 25th to April 10th 2016

We told you in January the good news about our success in being offered a Biffa Award grant to fund the much-needed Village Hall roof replacement, and that we were aiming to have the roof replaced during the Easter Holidays. I am pleased to be able to tell you that our plans are on target and the major work is scheduled to take place over the period March 25th to April 10th. In February, funded by the Biffa Award grant, we have had an essential Asbestos Inspection carried out. On receipt of that report the roofer confirmed that we are all systems go for the work to be carried out as planned. This means that the Hall will be closed for the 2-week period March 25th to April 10th, and you will see scaffolding being erected from Monday 21st March. Whilst the Hall will still be being used up until and including Thursday March 24th, we will be asking people to park at least 2 metres away from the building whilst the scaffolding is being erected during the week before the closure. We are just praying for decent weather over the 2 weeks so that work can progress on schedule.

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The Origin of Species, from Tangram Theatre Company

Saturday 6 February 2016 at 7:30 pm

Tangram’s last show Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking, was a funny and hugely enjoyable Edinburgh Fringe Festival sell-out and international smash hit.

The Origin of Species is a similarly uproarious show (with some interesting scientific facts too!) for young and old alike. It tells the incredible story of how Charles Darwin came to discover the secrets of evolution and why it took him over twenty years before he plucked up the courage to publish his remarkable idea.

It’s a show packed with big theories, terrible puns, brilliant physical comedy and six cracking original songs about everything from blasted boring barnacles to the perils of marrying your cousin.