Annual General Meeting 2016

Wednesday 11 May 2016 from 7:00 pm

Come along and tell us what you think! We will be electing the management committee for the 2016/17 year and you would be very welcome to join us. We are looking especially for someone with knowledge of, or interest in Health and Safety matters as our current rep is standing down at the AGM. The regular Village Hall Committee meeting will follow after the Annual General Meeting.

The Origin of Species, from Tangram Theatre Company

Saturday 6 February 2016 at 7:30 pm

Tangram’s last show Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking, was a funny and hugely enjoyable Edinburgh Fringe Festival sell-out and international smash hit.

The Origin of Species is a similarly uproarious show (with some interesting scientific facts too!) for young and old alike. It tells the incredible story of how Charles Darwin came to discover the secrets of evolution and why it took him over twenty years before he plucked up the courage to publish his remarkable idea.

It’s a show packed with big theories, terrible puns, brilliant physical comedy and six cracking original songs about everything from blasted boring barnacles to the perils of marrying your cousin.

7th Annual Queniborough Beer Festival

Header for the 7th Annual Queniborough Beer Festival on 23 and 24 October 2015

Friday 23 and Saturday 24 October 2015

The annual event! The 2015 Queniborough Beer Festival had 17 real ales on offer, all in great condition and sourced from local breweries, the featured County of Yorkshire and others on a Rugby World Cup theme. By popular vote of the festival goers, Queniborough’s own (very micro) Q Brewery took the Gold Award again, this time for their Rucking Flanker, the Silver Award for their 4Q and the Bronze Award for their QIPA! The Saturday evening performers were Andy Robins, Ben Jammin and Chris Quinn.

If The River Was Whiskey, by Holy Moly & The Crackers

Poster flyer for If The River Was Whisky by Holy Moly and The Crackers at Queniborough Village Hall on 3rd October 2015

Saturday 3 October 2015 at 7:30 pm

Join Holy Moly & The Crackers for an evening of high-energy music, tall tales and hard liquor. The perfect collision of rowdy music, dancing, storytelling and drinking, the wrangling folk band lead you through the tale of Willie O’Connell whose love affair with whiskey leads him away from home and into the path of malt soaked Scots, wild women and old American moonshiners.

If The River Was Whiskey is an evening filled with singing, laughing, dancing and drinking as the six piece band take you on a thrilling and hilarious journey.

Rag Mama Rag

Rag Mama Rag musical duo illustration with guitar and washboard

Saturday 14 March 2015 at 7:30pm

Rag Mama Rag create an exceptionally full and hard driving rhythmic sound with a dazzling range of instruments.

Ashley Dow on guitars, ukulele and vocals and Deborah Dow on harmonica, washboard, percussion and backing vocals, provide skilled musicianship and sounds that will have your feet tapping.

With a scintillating mixture of ’20s and ’40s Blues based music, including Mississippi Blues and East Coast Ragtime, Ashley and Deborah perform a stunning set ranging from slow melodies to fast paced rocking tunes, with superb finger picking for good measure!

The Creole Brothers

The Creole Brothers musical trio with guitar, fiddle, accordion and hats.

Saturday 29 November 2014 at 7:00 pm

“A spiced up creole stew of the best folk/roots melodeon led music from the seas and woodlands of the British Isles, flavoured with the fiddle and guitar driven melodies of the rivers and mountains of Appalachia all the way down to the accordion pumping rhythms of the hot and steamy swamps and bayous of Cajun and Creole Louisiana. Plus some of our original delightful compositions to add pepper to the gumbo. All delivered with our own wry humorous take on life, love and music.”

6th Annual Queniborough Beer Festival

Friday 24 and Saturday 25 October 2014

The annual event! The 2014 Queniborough Beer Festival had 18 real ales on offer, all in great condition and sourced from local breweries, the featured County of Norfolk and the 2014 Champion Beer of Britain from Yorkshire. By popular vote of the festival goers, Queniborough’s own (very micro) Q Brewery took the Gold Award for their Q Hop. Charnsters Gold from Charnwood Brewery received the Silver Award and Ridgemere Bitter (again from Q Brewery) the Bronze Award. The Saturday evening performers were Chris Bramley, Becca O’Hara, Jake Manning and Neal Hancox.

Big Daddy vs Giant Haystacks

Big Daddy vs Giant Haystacks

1 February 2014 at 7:30 pm

At 4pm every Saturday, from 1976 to 1988, tens of millions of Britons, and countless more world-wide, were in the grip of an extraordinary sports phenomenon: watching two fat men (aka Shirley Crabtree and Martin Ruane) pretend to fight each other. This is their story.

This ‘British Heavyweight Champion Comedy’, by the writers of New Perspectives’ hit play ‘Those Magnificent Men’, brings back to grunting, grappling life these two hugely popular battling behemoths and the bizarre world they bestrode. With an “all-star cast of thousands”, including Dickie Davies, Paul McCartney, Chris Tarrant, Frank Sinatra, Princess Margaret, and Greg Dyke, this ambitious, touching, hilarious two-hander conjures up a whole nation during its most colourful era.

Featuring the winner of The Latest 7 Award for Best Male Performer 2011 Ross Gurney-Randall, and, fresh from Sky’s cult hit sit-com ‘This Is Jinsy’, David Mounfield.

You shall be moved.

“Fascinatingly funny…Both hysterical and historically accurate. ****” – Fringe Review

“A stormer of a show. Who’d have thought 1980′s wrestling could make such moving theatre?****” – Richard Stamp, Fringe Guru

“As funny as we’ve come to expect from Mitchell and Nixon, but it’s never just funny: they have a deep sympathy for the people they write about.*****” – Philip Reeve, The Solitary Bee

“Has both the smell of sweat and success…Brilliantly commercial…
hugely popular and entertaining…will appeal to both theatre and wrestling fans.****”
– Andrew Kay, Latest 7